Lose weight without dieting

Did you know you can lose weight without dieting? That’s what one new weight loss product wants you to believe, after claiming you can lose 30 pounds in six months, without changing what you eat.It’s called the Sensa Weight Loss System, and it’s one of the most talked-about diet products on the market today –featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Dateline NBC. Some are calling the Sensa diet “revolutionary” because of its radically new approach to weight loss.

Sensa boldly claims to help users lose significant weight, without changing their existing diet or exercise routine. All dieters have to do is sprinkle scented “Tastants” on their food, and watch the weight fall off.

We were skeptical to say the least.

The Sensa Weight Loss System goes against everything we’ve been taught about losing weight, so we dug a little deeper to find out the truth about Sensa. Is it just another weight loss scam or does Sensa actually work?

Our intrigue and skepticism soon turned to excitement as we uncovered what could be the future weapon in the war on obesity.

Is Sensa the Celebrity Diet Secret?

Always on the forefront of weight loss technology, Hollywood celebrities were eager to try Sensa for themselves.

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger recently told Access Hollywood she lost 25 pounds using Sensa, and says it fits perfectly into her busy schedule.

“I noticed my body was changing and the weight was just floating off,” says Patti, who was named by EXTRA as one of the most amazing weight loss success stories of 2010. “Sensa fits perfectly into my lifestyle, because I don’t have to change anything.”

Patti’s dramatic weight loss has been featured in US Weekly, People Magazine, and Life & Style where she was quoted as saying, Sensa was the easiest solution. You just sprinkle the pounds away.”

Sensa Reviews in the Media

Hollywood celebrities weren’t the only ones catching on to this non-diet craze.

Harper’s Bazaar reviewed Sensa in a two-page article called “Easiest Diet Ever?” The review said Sensa sets “no restrictions on what you may put on your plate–or how much–Sensa practically pleads, ‘Eat. Have some more! You want butter with that?'”

When Sensa was featured on Dateline NBC, they interviewed a group of study participants who had been asked to sprinkle Sensa on all their normal foods. Shockingly enough, every single person they interviewed had lost weight. None of them ever reported feeling hungry or deprived, because they were still able to eat their favorite foods–they just ate less of them.

We also found the following reviews from these respected publications:

“The key to eating less may be right under your nose.” – Good Housekeeping

“Sensa…when sprinkled on food, heightens smell and taste to trick your brain into thinking you’re full.” – InStyle

“In a study of 1400 overweight and obese men presented last year, Hirsch found those who stuck with the Sensa Tastants for six months lost an average of about 30 pounds.” — Los Angeles Times

How to Try Sensa Free

The company behind Sensa thought people might be cynical about trying their product, especially when so many diet products fail. But, that’s what we found so interesting about Sensa–it’s not really a diet at all. And, with all of this media attention, we figured it was worth recommending.


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