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Obesity, kidney failure, diabetes and hypertension } these are just a few ways in which we punish ourselves by depriving our bodies of sleep. With hectic lifestyles and work stress dominating our lives, sleep has taken a backseat. Help is at hand with hospitals waking up to this serious problem and setting sleep labs to help people sleep better. Organizations with 24/7 operations should also ensure their employees get sufficient rest. On World Sleep Day and beyond, let’s remember that sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

” is important for everyone. While a growing child needs to sleep for 10-12 hours, adults and aged persons need sound sleep for 6-8 hours. It’s necessary to sleep in a cozy environment, comfortable bed following a light dinner. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking,” said Dr N K Venkataramana, chief neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals.

Sleep labs

Almost all major hospitals have a sleep laboratory which studies the sleeping pattern of a patient and diagnoses disorders. The lab in
Nimhans was set up in 2007-08. “The aim of this laboratory is to study the sleep changes and abnormalities in various disorders affecting the brain,” said Dr Sanjib Sinha, additional professor, Nimhans.

“Sleep Lab is very beneficial as it helps us in the better and much systemized studies of sleeping disorders. The sleep labs are very comfortable and have all the required scientific facilities, but in very rare cases are they separate entities, they are usually affiliated to the hospitals only,” said Dr. Bharti Jain

Delhi-Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has one of the most advance, fully equipped respiratory department, which now includes Critical Care and Sleep medicine also.

Mandakini Sleep Laboratory in Chembur, Mumbai avilable Sleep medicine also.

Sleep Apnea

Dr Hiranappa, pulmonologist, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, said: “Sleep apnea is one of the four causes of heart diseases because it disturbs blood circulation to the heart. About 6% men and 3% women suffer from sleep apnea which also affects the emotional wellbeing of a person.”

A patient is prescribed the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device. “When you sleep, it gently delivers air into your airway through a mask. It creates enough pressure to keep the airway open and produce immediate relief,” said Dr Natarajan Rajgopalan, consultant pulmonologist and sleep medicine, Narayana Hrudayalaya.

Sleep deprivation

* If you’re not energetic in the day

* If you’re not satisfied after sleep

* If you sleep unintentionally during the day

* If you’re tired, restless, irritable, fatigued

* If you need coffee or a smoke to forcibly keep awake

* If you tend to fall asleep while sitting, working or driving

World Sleep Day

* Annual event organized by World Association of Sleep Medicine since 2008

* Celebrated on third Friday of March every year

* Propagates benefits of good sleep

* Focus society’s attention on sleep problems and medicine, education
and social aspects

* Promote sleep disorders prevention and management


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