Diabetes has rised!

Prevalence of diabetes has raised to around 15 per-cent in Oman compared to 11.6 per cent in 2000, according to Ministry of Health Officials.  “The National Diabetes survey of 1991 showed the prevalence of diabetes at 8.3 per cent while the survey in 2000 showed the prevalence rate at 11.6 per cent.

Recent unpublished data shows that during the past decade, diabetes has been on the increase among adults,” said Dr Halima Al Hinai,  Director, Health Education Department of Ministry of Health, at a media briefing to announce the Landmark Group’s ‘Beat Diabetes’ initiative in country.

“As a first step in a series of initiatives, the Landmark Group will be organising a 2.1km walkathon on November 12 to mark World Diabetes Day, which is observed globally on November 14,” said Clive Freeman, Territory Head of Landmark Group.  The walkathon will be held at Centrepoint, Ruwi. The walkathon is open to all through free registration.

Dr Al Hinai, said: “Raising awareness and access to reliable education information is essential in achieving effective participation and empowerment of people and communities. Private sector has an important role to promote community health.”  “The ‘Beat Diabetes’ initiative is a good opportunity to raise awareness about a growing problem in this country and to encourage people to adopt healthy balanced diet, physical activity and to go for screening every second year,” said Dr Sulaiman Al Shereiqi, the national focal person in-charge of the national non-communicable diseases screening programme, Ministry of Health.  At least one survey showed that around 67 per cent of studied adult population and diagnosed with diabetes were aware of their health problem for the first time.  By the year 2009, the national diabetes registry in Oman registered 61,583 citizens with diabetes.


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